A Little Feminine Edge…Day 162

I know it’s a Monday. I know I should wear something a little more formal… meaning something other than jeans.

I know that. But I just don’t feel like it today. I don’t always do the “should’s” in life so you can’t really expect me to dress as I “should” right?


So today, instead of my usual “dress” ensemble, I’m wearing my dark wash Zara jeans to the office and tucking them into my gray Vero Cuoio bootsthat I love love love – and pairing it with a simple royal blue tank top from Zara.

To complement the boots I thought to put on a thin belt in the same gray color. One of those long loop belts…that I actually had to ask them to punch more holes in so it would fit me. Ok, yes, I’m not going to the office just like this.

I thought this outfit could use a little feminine edge.  So, I decided to go the really girly way with this pale blue tweed jacket… it used to have longer sleeves, but I had it reworked to make them just 3/4 sleeves instead…it gets hot here and 3/4 is just the right length for my frame. Plus it gives this somewhat old-fashioned jacket a little modern twist.

Accessories with only my pearl earrings and I’m ready for whatever Monday wants to throw my way.

You know what I’ve noticed, there’s something about this boots that has me strutting my stuff a little more… well, just a little more 🙂

Don’t you just love it when you have something on that makes you feel that way?


8 thoughts on “A Little Feminine Edge…Day 162

  1. princessraji says:

    such a cute look .. LOVE your grey boots! where are they from?

  2. Miles says:

    Thanks for dropping by and the “like” 🙂 http://keyindiagraphics.wordpress.com/

  3. Miles says:

    http://kelizabethr.wordpress.com/about/ Thanks for visiting again and the “like” 🙂

  4. Miles says:

    http://fleury1099.wordpress.com/about/ Thanks for the “like” and for dropping by again 🙂

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