Bond…Jane Bond…Day 163

Woke up feeling a little playful today folks.

So, I decided to go with it and put on this white 3/4 sleeves shirt from Tyler that’s just as playful as my mood.  Nothing special about it in front.  But, check out the back 😀

People in the office get a kick out of this shirt. And it is  one of my favorites although I haven’t worn it in a while…I was saving to pair it with my black leatherette skirt for a sexy secretary look, but I felt like wearing it today instead.

Pairing it with none other than, my simple black trousers from Zara – straight cut almost men’s wear type… plus this chartreuse bow tie

I bought someone bow ties as a gift for Christmas,and couldn’t help but get this one for myself when I saw the color! Lovely lovely shade of green and yellow 🙂

And, kicking things up in high gear, with my black heeled boots, the ones I bought before Christmas and haven’t worn yet.

I just really liked the fact that it’s patent leather…and I’ve been looking for patent leather shoes. That it’s boots too, is a definite plus in my book.

I don’t usually buy shoes from Aerosoles anymore – I find their designs a little dated these days -but this one’s a classic.  So, it’ll do just great!

Wearing my vintage Seiko watch and diamond earrings with its matching ring for accessories.  I don’t want to add anything else to this laid back vibe of this ensemble.

But I like that adding the bow tie adds a “key hole” element to it though… just the right amount of playful, don’t you think?

There are some days I like channeling the Bond girls’ look, this time around though, you can just call me Bond. Jane Bond 🙂

9 thoughts on “Bond…Jane Bond…Day 163

  1. Miles says:

    Thanks for the “like” and for subscribing 🙂

  2. vido0311 says:

    I like that adding the bow tie adds a “key hole”

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